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143 Longview Drive
Chatham NY 12037
United States
Phone: 518-441-5139
Price: US$ 12,000,000
Built: 1984
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Triumph Super Craft 'Expedition Style' Yacht


Triumph was built in Hong Kong in 1984 as the private yacht for a well known Hong Kong shipping owner, and has remained in his ownership since new. She was designed and built to meet the owner’s requirement for a very strongly built yacht, capable of going anywhere and operating for long period of time without additional support.

Van Triumph is indeed one of the very first “Expedition” style yachts long before the concept gained widespread acceptance. The accommodation and wheelhouse areas are certified bullet proof having been built for areas in the world where piracy remains a threat.

There are eight cabins for sixteen guests and twelve cabins accommodating eighteen crew members. This includes separate cabins for Captain, Chief Engineer, 1st Officer, Radio Operator and Electrician.

The hull is overbuilt and exceeds Lloyd’s 100+A1 rule in most areas. Van Triumph has passed Lloyds survey as of June 2009. The design has the ability to withstand extreme sea conditions. Van Triumph has a high bow and free board with the capability to load 122 tonnes (which could be converted to additional fuel tanks or accommodation) of ballast amidships to decrease the centre of gravity. The double bottom is divided into 26 compartments port and starboard.

Longitudinally the yacht is subdivided into 10 watertight compartments. The Ship is built to a three compartment standard and also has a double hull with 1m separation in the area of the engine room and control room. Each side of the double hull is further sub-divided into four compartments. This construction creates a very strong hull which has the ability to keep the vessel afloat even after sustaining major hull damage.

The Van Triumph has an estimated range of 15,000 miles at 11 knots. Total fuel capacity is 260 tonnes. There is also a provision for 5 tonnes of fuel for the tenders. Very large refrigeration areas allow for long voyages without the need for re-provisioning. A stainless steel tank gives 17,000 Ltrs of drinking water, plus there is a water generating capacity of over 20,000 Ltrs per day.

As Van Triumph is designed to operate in remote areas, the yacht has fully equipped workshops for running repairs.

The end result of this is a significant vessel, which has enough capability for extended cruising in remote areas. The yacht could also be used as a Yacht Support vessel to an owner’s larger yacht.