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Price: US$ 661,851
Built: 2012
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New Condo Opportunities at a New Oceanfront Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic

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Real Estate opportunities are coming to a first-of-its-kind Oceanfront Resort and Spa on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, a vibrant location that draws ever increasing numbers of adventure travelers every year. The Amber Coast, another name for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, comes from the rich deposits of semi-precious amber (the second most valuable deposit in the world) buried below its surface. It's also the inspiration for the resort's name, Amber Dune Resort and Spa, which is scheduled to open in 2012.


Construction has now begun at the Amber Dune Resort and Spa. It is the unique result of a multi-year effort sparked by a visionary developer, conceived by a renowned architect, led by an experienced management team and supported by several world-class implementing partners. As an owner you will benefit from their collective creativity and foresight. You will benefit from the growth in Adventure Tourism, the elegance and flexibility of the Amber Dune hotel-condominium design and, most importantly, the sparkling future of 13.5 beach-front acres on the North Coast near Cabarete and so close to the Puerto Plata airport.


STUDIOS: $242,613

TWO BEDROOM: $661,851



Floor plan designs that will let you breathe. Whether you choose a studio, 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom condominium, your Amber Dune condominium will display simple elegance and provide a tasteful balance between privacy and openness. Ceilings are high; windows are large; views are endless. Some enjoy showers with an ocean view. The complete entertainment system, casual seating arrangements and a large terrace with a jacuzzi and private pool provide more than enough choices for family and friends.


Your condominium will have spacious walk-in closets and a king size bed in the master bedroom. All bedrooms have flat panel TV. The master bath has both a soaking tub and a walk-in shower. The "instant kitchen" includes a microwave, a refrigerator and an espresso machine. There is plenty of storage in the unit (and extra storage is available in the hotel.)

All appliances and fixtures are premium brands; all finishes are of the highest quality materials and trimmed by craftsmen. Communication is easy with phones in all frequently used rooms and wireless and cellular service throughout the property.


Amber Dune is more than a condominium. It's also a hotel. This means you are served by a full staff. When you stay at Amber Dune, you and your family are able to get away from housework, cooking and other mundane chores that distract from the purpose of your stay.

•Tennis court
•24 hour Concierge
•Available Meeting Rooms, Banquet Rooms and Services, Business Center
•Recommendations regarding the 50+ local restaurants; learn local customs, review the day's on-property restaurant specials, arrange a vehicle, etc.
•Plan a local adventure (over 30 choices: Anything from kite-boarding to whale-watching to a trip to the Amber Museum).
•24-hour room service
•Full laundry service
•Daily maid service
•24 hour security
•Wi-Fi access over the full extent of the property
•Private beauty salon
•On-call driver for off-property trips


Amber Dune is located on almost 13.5 acres of beachfront property; its plan optimizes the beauty and value for the condominium owner. The innovative design takes maximum advantage of the location. Expansive views of the ocean and/or the mountains are available to every owner.

As an owner, you have the opportunity to enjoy benefits of the Resort's condo-hotel concept when you and your family are not using your property. Hotel management will make it available to guests who, like you, are attracted to Cabarete's range of engaging activities.

The special design of each condominium enables great flexibility in configuring the number of hotel rooms and bedrooms that can be combined for a guest. All 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans have lock-off designs allowing for maximum rental opportunity.


Amber Dune is a luxurious 203-condominium resort designed by Lane Pettigrew LPA, one of the most successful architecture practices in the history of Caribbean resort development. The structure boasts simplicity and elegance that’s unmistakably contemporary. Replete with plants and multi-level pools, the resort offers a range of services and amenities whose standards match the elevated expectations created by the architecture.

Frequently visited activities are close to the water and easily accessed, including the beach club, the main pool, the restaurants and the spa. You will find waterfalls, streams and serene pockets of still water in tranquil spots throughout the winding paths, all of which beckon outward toward Cabarete. The adventure of Amber Dune includes strolling through it. Tropical ferns, palms and colorful orchids provide a lush backdrop for several intimate sitting areas along the way. Neighbors who've traveled here from other cities and countries can sit, talk and connect. You can exchange stories, share experiences and recommendations with like-minded owners and their guests. Overall: An exceptional fusion of Caribbean elegance with a distinctly contemporary style


Spectrum Hospitality Group (SHG) provides owners of Amber Dune Resort + Spa condominiums with a professionally executed rental program. SHG management has over 100 years in combined experience in the marketing of high-end hospitality accommodations on a global basis.

Added to this capability will be the soon-to-be-announced alliance between Amber Dune Resort + Spa and a leading international luxury hotel association. This coveted and hard to achieve relationship will put a major international brand behind Amber Dune’s hospitality marketing. It will assure condominium owners who opt into the rental program that every effort is being made to rent their unit when they are not occupying it.

As a result of this combination, Amber Dune will be actively represented in all major travel channels, will have the advantage of a world-wide, state-of-the-art reservation system and presence on a website that attracts several thousand unique visitors a month. Add this marketing capability to your condominium’s flexibility of configuration (provided by Amber Dune’s “lock-out” configuration) and you have a recipe for Rental Management success.


Ours is a destination spa that brings you the most authentic treatments in ways that can't experience them anywhere else!

Amber stone is a unique substance with a rich history of demonstrated healing properties, revitalizing energies and a deep connection with nature. The fact that the Dominican Republic has the world's second most valuable deposit of amber makes it the perfect cornerstone of all treatments at Amber Dune Spa.

Amber stone, the color of liquid sunshine:

•considered to be "the revitalizing force of the sun."
•from trees and therefore its connection with nature gives it great grounding ability; grounding the energies of the body and creating a positive mental attitude.
•associations with time, cycles and longevity because it was once living.
•an energy and warmth that imbues negative ions and draws power and energy to the body thereby calming it and energizing it at the same time.

The Amber Spa's design and treatment program will center around a calming environment with an edge toward energizing and awakening the senses through color, aroma, sound, natural outdoor garden environment and amber focal points. This Vitality Center's ultimate goal will be to provide relaxation. It combines a process for cool down from the day's activities along with a wind up or re-energizing for activities to follow.


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